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M.J. Hyland in conversation with Michael Williams at the Melbourne Writers Festival

M.J. Hyland with Trevor Byrne, teaching at Faber Academy, London

MJ Hyland and Trevor Byrne, Faber Academy

M.J. Hyland discusses the publication of Harper Lee's Go Set A Watchman (BBC1/BBC News)

M.J. Hyland is an ex-lawyer and the author of three multi-award-winning novels: How the Light Gets In (shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize); Carry Me Down (shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and the Booker Prize, and winner of the Encore Prize and the Hawthornden Prize); and This Is How (longlisted for the Orange Prize and the Dublin International IMPAC Prize).  Her short fiction has been shortlisted  or longlisted  for the BBC Short Story Awards 2011 & 2012, and the Sunday Times EFG Short Story Award.


Hyland has written for, among others, the Paris Review, the Guardian, the Manchester Review, Film International, the Financial Times (her essay, 'The Trial of Mary Bale', also features in Best Australian Essays 2011, as 'Trial by Internet'), Granta ('Hardy Animal', originally published in Granta 120: Medicine, was shortlisted for the inaugural William Hazlitt Essay Prize), and is a reviewer of books, films and plays for BBC Radio 4 and the Monthly.


Hyland has led writing workshops for the Faber Academy (London), Guardian Masterclasses (London & Manchester) the Irish Writers' Centre (Dublin), Curtis Brown Creative (London), Arizona State University's Workshop Programme, Stockholm University, Griffith University (South East Queensland, Australia)  and more, and has been a senior lecturer at The Centre for New Writing (University of Manchester) since 2007. 


In 2011, Hyland co-founded, with author Trevor Byrne, the Hyland & Byrne Editing Firm. For more, you can browse the Firm's site below, or go directly to www.hylandbyrne.com.


For more on M.J. Hyland and her writing, see 'Trojan Mules of Meaning', a conversation via 'miniature essays' with David Gavan (Tin House), and Hyland's thoughts on writing from a killer's perspective (ABC Radio, with Jeff Lindsay, author of  the books behind the Dexter TV series). In 'The Drugs Do Work' (the Guardian), Hyland looks at the history and usage of neuroenhancers ('smart drugs'), and discusses her own experiences with them, a topic she returns to in 'Controlling Our Health' (The Forum, BBC Radio 4). This is just a small sample of  the free written, audio and video content you can access online. Feel free to Google, or take a look at the M.J. Hyland Wikipedia article.




M.J. Hyland's celebrated third novel This Is How ('unflinching, absorbing, morally complex... a novel about crime but not a crime novel' New York Times) features in Ezvid Wiki's '10 Great Thrillers that Feature Compelling Anti-Heroes'. Click here to watch the video. 

 "For #2, we find M.J. Hyland's This Is How. Reeling from a sudden broken engagement, Patrick needs to find somewhere to unwind. He moves to a small seaside town and tries to live a normal, quiet life. Unfortunately, Patrick is far from normal. He's a sociopath dealing with crippling mental illness and is unable to find the help he needs. One desperate event is all it takes for him to become eclipsed by his dark side."

MJ Hyland This Is How
This is How MJ Hy nd



Best-selling author Mark Brandi leads the discussion on This is How by MJ Hyland.

"This Is How is a brooding, unforgettable novel by M.J. Hyland. It’s the story of Patrick Oxtoby, a young man who moves to a small English seaside town to escape the aftermath of a broken relationship. But a split-second decision will irrevocably alter the course of his life. While not widely regarded in the realm of crime fiction, it’s a genre defying, utterly compelling work that goes to the heart of why good people sometimes do terrible things."

10 April 2019 - 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Writers Victoria

176 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000


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New 'Text Classics' edition with afterword by J.M. Coetzee.


"...Carry Me Down works by indirection. Its built-in irony is that the intelligence at its centre is not attuned to indirection." From the afterword by J.M. Coetzee.


"Uncompromising, unputdownble... it's a work of discreet brilliance.' Ali Smith



TWO NEW SHORT STORIES by M.J. Hyland, specially commissioned for BBC Radio 4 on the theme of rest and sleep.

"Even In Good Men tells the story of a young policeman who is himself awaiting trial in prison. Can his sleepwalking defense convince a court he was not in charge of his faculties?" Read by Trystan Gravelle.

In Someone Else's Bed, "Mick seeks escape from his lack of a job and marital problems by doing something he's never done before, 'good or bad, big or small', that no one else ever need know about." Read by Rob Jarvis.



If you'd like to get in touch with M.J. Hyland, you can send her a message using the contact form below. Or if you prefer, follow her on Twitter and send her a Tweet.


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